Supporting you in the design and monitoring of your wellness space project is the motivation and ambition of our Expert Spa Consulting team.

The key to success: clearly define your commercial strategy and translate it into the programming and design of the Spa. Hydroconcept concretizes your Business Plan by taking into account the expectations of our customers, your local resources, the type of attendance and operating costs.

This is reflected in the creation of a space and a sensory pool with different zones: the customer will follow a friendly and surprising well-being journey, and will associate your Spa with a unique experience.

In collaboration and in addition to your architect and your design office, we will provide you with all the know-how for the specific part relating to the Spa, both for the space and for the sensory pool.


Phase 1 (Concept Design) consists in the creation of the Spa journey from the objectives defined in terms of services, customers and profitability:

- Programming and design of your Spa project

- Spatial plan with recommended surfaces

- Detailed sketch of the Hot Tub and Sensory pool

- Specific forecast budget The APS is the key to the success of the project as a reflection of the commercial strategy of the project owner.


Phase 2 (Detailed Design), our integrated design office specializing in the Spa helps you to complete your project giving all technical information necessary to the progress of the works and the operation.


- Block diagrams of networks and expectations

- Sectional and elevation plans

- Specific technical requirements: safety, hygiene and regulatory requirements

- Balance of electrical power, need for air flow, water and hygrometry


La 3 phase includes the preparation of the preliminary documents essential to the creation of the Spa :

- Creation of the estimated quantitative document (DQE) for the specific space and sensory pool lot

- Technical sheets for specific equipment and materials

- Drafting a limit of services for the different business lots

- Comparative study of offers submitted by competing companies

- Finalization of the successful offer and assistance to the client for the award of the contract, including the physical finalization of draft contractual documents

- Assistance from the architect in the spa lot

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