Shower and sensory tunnel Shower and sensory tunnel

Shower and sensory tunnel

Experience Shower Creator



The experience shower is the playful place of the Spa. It was designed to support a unique sensory moment where all the senses fall under the spell of chosen scenarios. A ceiling lamp diffuses water in several forms, at the user's choice, in large drops, misting or rain. Side nozzles project water along the body. Two to four programs, more or less sophisticated, lasting about 2 minutes making an intense moment accompanied by fragrance, music and playfull lights.

A scenario invites you to discover a universe with tropical scents, bird sounds in a colorful atmosphere where large hot drops will alternate with a temperate mist. Another will explore the atlantic ocean world, where all the senses will be solicited differently.

Hydroconcept delivers the experience shower with standard or personalized programs, if you want to stand out. The fragrances, like other elements, can be chosen according to your requests.

The structure of the experience shower can be made by us in the most original shapes: snail shell, circular, and even in the form of a straight or rounded tunnel, between 3 and 7 m long. In this case, the shower turns into an experience tunnel or a rain mist corridor, in which the customer will discover the aquatic activities as they progress through the corridor.

The technical part, consisting of a hydraulic panel with a system of solenoid valves, is designed, produced and installed by us, in a nearby technical room or closet.


In this circular or oval corridor, each step is a discovery of new sensations on the theme of water and its subtleties. The sensory experience reaches its maximum here.

Interested in setting up a sensory shower or an experience tunnel in your Spa or wellness center ? Contact us.


Sensory Revolution: The Shower Experience by Hydroconcept


To enrich your experience within your  spa, Hydroconcept is committed to revolutionizing the concept of shower with an approach sensory unrivaled. Imagine a shower where each jet d'water, each light, and every perfume have been meticulously chosen to transport your customers in an unprecedented sensory journey.

Each cabin de shower sensory offers a range of colors dynamic thanks to the chromotherapy, a function integrated which allows you to change theatmosphere for the shower by simply pressing one button. This système thermostatic ensures a water to the temperature ideal, while the cascade and jects side provide a massage full of body, promoting the relaxation and well-being.

We showers hood not only offer a bath de rain or an cascade, but also sequences of massage by Hydromassage, creating an experience of spa unique. L'installation of our système de shower is designed to fit any environment, whether it is a swimming pools, hammam, or a cabin de shower individual.

La shower sensory thus becomes not only an element of to relax, but also a powerful tool to improve theexperience overall of your spa. With some types de jects different, lights under ceiling who imitate the ciel, and the addition of systems d'aromatherapy which delicately diffuse your perfume of choice, your customers will be wrapped in a environment which stimulates all the senses.

For those looking to provide a experience even more personalized, our team of professionals is ready to work with you to create Regional programs on QUOTE. Whether through the choice of fragrances, exclusive of colors de light, or the programming of jects d'water, each detail is carefully designed to reflect the unique identity of your spa.

The benefits of our showers sensory go beyond the simple relaxation; they offer a real contribution to physical and mental well-being, reinforcing the image of your establishment as a pioneer in the well-being industry.

At Hydroconcept, we are dedicated to providing not only products high quality but also impeccable service, ensuring that every installation reflects excellence and innovation. For more than'informations on how to incorporate these wonders into your spa ou center of well-being, do not hesitate to contact us.