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This tradition inherited from the thermal baths of the ancient Romans, influenced by Ottoman culture with Turkish baths, is still very present in the countries of the Middle East. The hammam, often combined with a professional sauna, is very popular due to its good tolerance to the effective combination of radiated heat and high humidity.

Practice the hammam, as well as the professional sauna, provides numerous benefits such as promoting sleep, eliminating toxins and toning muscles, purifying the body and respiratory tract. It gives the skin luminosity, elasticity and softness. Available in modules ready to install and tile, or made to measure, professional hammams and saunas are today often associated with aromatherapy through the diffusion of aromatic essences, music therapy or chromotherapy.



The hammam is the place where health and well-being come together. In this space with a cozy and authentic atmosphere, the  temperature of 45° encourages deep relaxation. The heat and the steam create the conditions to eliminate impurities from the skin by dilating the pores, soothe muscle tension and clear the respiratory system.

Temperature 40°C – 45°C / Humidity 100%

Hydroconcept magnifies your break of serenity with its bespoke creations. A sophisticated system of continuous air circulation guarantees the perfect regulation of the emission of steam according to the temperature. The structure is made up of ready-to-tile panels, ensuring maximum insulation and sealing, with assembly on site in a short time.



The ritual of beauty, relaxation and health par excellencefrom the Ottoman tradition. The injection of steam is less important there than in a steam bath: the floors, walls and benches are heated, and it is their contact with the water in the basins and fountains that provides hygrometry. This is then supplemented and regulated using the steam generator technique. Due to its humidity level of less than 80%, this body healing and exfoliation ritual can last up to 45 minutes. 

Temperature 45°C – 50°C / Humidity 40% – 80%



Equipped with a specially designed heated table and an affusion ramp, this lukewarm room completes the well-being course of the hammam.



The space is ideally designed to maximize the purifying and nourishing benefits of ghassoul clay and the essential oils that can be added to it. The injection of steam, after aplying the clay, it moistens and increases the receptivity of the skin to its properties. After about 20 minutes, the steam is absorbed in and special rinsing nozzles complete the beauty ritual.



Hydroconcept accompanies you in the realization of your hammam and in particular the choice of its finishes.

Made with ultra-light, insulating and waterproof technological materials, the hammam sauna combo can be installed in the garden, at the edge of a swimming pool or on a terrace.

A double insulation system covers the roof and the walls of the cabin to reduce energy consumption. With lighting made up of LED strips on the cornice, behind the backrest and/or under the seats, or a starry sky by fiber optics, the atmosphere will be uniquely beautiful. 

The combined hammam sauna will become an asset both for relaxation and the decoration of your outdoor spaces. It can be fitted with double-glazed fronts and doors in order to open the cabins to the outside view, with an undeniable feeling of space.

Several coatings are available for the hammam: mosaic, waxed concrete, large-format ceramic, Corian© or Technowood©, a patented material based on wood and resistant to humidity.

 The sauna also has a wide choice of wood, with vertical or horizontal slats. The shape of the seats can be straight, rounded or like a lounger, for maximum comfort.

Our steam sauna combinations are made to measure or based on a range with 25 standard sizes.

Hydroconcept, Spa and Thalasso design specialist is also Hammam finishes expert, do not hesitate to contact us to realize your project together!